The Coronas
The Frames (Longitude) - Mick Flannery (How High) - Shit Robot (Lose Control, End Of The Trail) - The Coronas (The Long way) - Perth County Conspiracy (The Perth County Conspiracy) - Judy Singh (A Time For Love) - Emile Normand Sextet (Emile Normand) - The Cujo Family (Pigs in the Pen) – Interskalactic - Crow Black Chicken (Electric Soup) - Tandem Felix (Comma) - Daithí (Tribes) - Adam Kelly (TECHNOTIC001) - Lisa O Neill (Pothole in the Sky) - Paul Brady (The Vicar Street Sessions) - Stano (Decoder, Spoken word, John Duffy : Wet with Starlight Rain, In Between Silence, where we really exist) - SPIES (Sea Creature)- Meltybrains? (Donegal/IV) – Sunil Sharpe (HOOF001, HOOF002) - Declan O’Rourke (Big Love, Woncha) - Myles Manley (More Songs) - O Emperor (Lizard) - Carole Nelson Trio (One Day in Winter), ...- Spinetta (Obras en vivo, Fuego Gris, Mondo Di Cromo, Pan, Para Los arboles, Silver Sorgo, Los niños que escriben en el cielo, Madre en anos luz)- Damian Schwartz (The dancing behavior)- J.C. (The rebellion of the overman Part I)- J.C. (The rebellion of the overman Part II)- Jheri Tracks Vol 1 (All city records)- BP Fallon (Hot Tongue)- Leo Drezden (Multi-moment)- Paul Tiernan (The Mystery of others)- This Other Kingdom (TELESCOPIC)- Hotel On Mars (Don’t Feel Like Daylight)- Red Sleeping Beauty (Kristina)- Glimmermen (Breakin’ Out)- Rakel & Klara (Moon, Eye, Sine And Turn Around)- Danny C- The Loafing Heroes (The Baron in the Trees)- Molnet (Sometimes)- Valentino Mora (Body Nostalgia EP)- Sugarcraft (Sissy)- Gwenael Milot (Garden of Olives)- DJ F (You Have the color)- McGuire and Jones Again (Lifetimes)- Hot Cops (Passive Passive / Scared of Everything)- Stephen Mahoney (Shelter)- SIAS (Milk Harbour)- Mongrel State (Mestizo)- Foto Machine (Romancer)- Cudowny Czwartek (Popiol)- Deliverance (Deliverance)- Rory Grubb (Water House)- Stereogamous (Einstein / Pompeii)- Teen Creeps (Self titled)- Selsius (First, Do No Harm)- Jairo (Volver a vivir)- Hermética (Ácido Argentino)- Las Pelotas (Corderos en la noche)- Los Piojos (3er Arco)- Riff (Ruedas de metal)- Pedro Aznar (Ahora)- Ataque 77 (El cielo puede esperar)- AnTara Matthew Noone and Tommy Hayes (The Space Between)- The Little Beauties (A Rude Awakening)- The Mighty Stef (Year Of The Horse)- Martin De Brig (Smoke and mirrors)- The Finger Prince / Mike Callander (Don’t Talk To Me / Physics)- The Moves (EIRE)- Knall (The Twin Of Ball)- Brad Gallagher, Bill Lowman and Alasdair Roberts (Missed Flights and Fist Fights)- Night Gestalt (One)- Raedon Kong (Critical Paths)- The Savage Jim Breen (Awake)- Sounds Of System Breakdown (Punishing Love)- The North Sea (Anniversary)- The Vagaband (Medicine for the Soul)- F/I (Venusian Holiday)- The Eskies (After The Sherry Went Round)- Scientists (Scientists)- Paddy Hanna (Underprotected)- Xnoybis (Trsut Fall)- Rhys Bloodjoy (Broken Window / Scandinavian Girlfriend)- Badhands (Let me In)- Cat Fury & the Thunderbirds (Visions of Eden)- Groundburst (Triad)- Kim Hayden (The Other Woman)- My Tribe Your Tribe (I Learn A Lot From You) - Sleep Thieves (You Want the Night, Fortress)- Deliverance - Beach (Ono Noh)- Caladh Nua (Honest to Goodness)- Coscan (Firedance)- Nautilus (Wrath of The Sea)- Sean O'Riada - The Statics (See Right Through)- Vukovi (Bouncy Castle, Animal)- Woodlark (The Skeleton Tree)- Tomorrows (Another Life)- Brendan McCahey (Too Tight)- CEO Experiment- Classroom Battles (This Week’s Question)- Full Set (Notes Between the Lines)- Hooligan (Discography)- Little xs for eyes (Everywhere Else)- Manden Express- Miss Eleyneous (Heart Lose Tempo, Tir Na n-og)- Mongoose- Oak Tree Secrets (First Breath)- The Eskies (After The Sherry Went Round)- The Little Beauties (A Rude Awakening)- The Rose Phantom (Soulless Experiment, Wicked Flowers)- The Savage Jim Breen (Awake)- The Sour Seeds (Find Your First)- The Whileaways (Saltwater Kisses)- Ana Gog- David Geraghty Join Me in the Pines (Inherit)- Jack Lukeman- Mutefish (360 Hangovers)- Myles Manley (More Songs)- Vequinox (About Time)